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You can be an Accredited Breeder!


The UK Doodle Club introduced an Accredited Scheme for other responsible and reputable breeders to take part in to promote and encourage health testings TOGETHER WITH sound temperaments.  As an added incentive, if breeders carry out all the health requirements required, their litters will be awarded a UK Doodle Club Accreditation Award. As soon as your litter has been approved, you will then be able to display either a Gold, Silver or Blue Accreditation Award on your website. All copies of health documents for both parents must be emailed or posted for each litter BEFORE an award will be given and subsequently, each litter will be awarded its own unique reference number that can only be used once. This system awards THE LITTER, rather than the Breeder.


If you are a Labradoodle Breeder and are interested in achieving a UK Doodle Club Accreditation for your litter, please email our Club Secretary Sarah: or fill in the form on the CONTACT page.


Health Testings


The Gold Accreditation will be awarded to a Litter where the Sire and Dam have both had the following health tests carried out with appropriate results. BVA or OFA Hip Scored & Elbow Scored, Annual BVA Eye Test,  DNA Tested for prcd/PRA VWd Type I

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The Silver Accreditation will be awarded to a Litter where the Sire and Dam have both had the following health tests carried out with appropriate results. BVA or OFA Hip& Elbow Scored, Annual BVA Eye Test, DNA Tested for prcd/PRA

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The Blue Accreditation will be awarded to the Litter where both Sire and Dam have had the following health tests carried out with appropriate results. BVA Hip Scored or OFA Annual BVA Eye Test

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A breeder who submits the required health testing information on applying for Accreditation for their Litter with the UK Doodle Club will be considered for the above Accreditations.


On acceptance, we will provide the necessary links for you to display the Gold/Silver or Blue Award on your web page and also the UK Doodle Club Logo which MUST include the appropriate hyperlink to the Club.


Annual BVA Eye Test /DNA Tested for the pra form of PRCD (Please Note their is not a prcd dna test available for Standard Poodles at this present time)

Von Willebrands Disease (Type I) Applies to Labradoodles & Poodles.

Club Members can display the UKDC Logo on their website once they have been approved.

UK Doodle Club Code of Conduct

To Advertise on the UK Doodle Club website, you must be unreservedly endorsed by all of the Founder Members and agree to be bound by the UK Doodle Club Code of Conduct outlined below. If you would like to be added to the Club Members page, please see Breeders Application Form.


As Labradoodle Lovers we all promise to comply with and uphold these high standards of breeding practice.

The UK Doodle Club Code of Conduct UK Doodle Club Member's puppies are born IN THE FAMILY HOME where they are socialised from an early age with children and other pets.

Their dogs are properly housed, fed, watered and exercised.

It is widely recognised that Miniature Labradoodles attain full maturity somewhat earlier than their larger cousins, therefore UK Doodle Club members do not breed from any Miniature bitch under 18 months of age or any Standard bitch under 2 years of age. They do not breed from any dog that has not been vet checked before mating and they must meet at least the minimum Health Testing requirements for this breed although preferably they will also do the additional tests. (See Health Testing ).

They will be able to show you the certificates for each test.

UK Doodle Club Members do not breed every season.

Although the UK Doodle Club's main priority is health testing, great attention is also paid to the type and temperaments of our member's dogs, making sure that they only breed pet dogs suitable for an active family.

Members agree only to breed from dogs with the delightful nature the Labradoodle is so renowned for.

UK Doodle Club Members will not sell their puppies or dogs to pet shops or give or donate them as a prize of any kind.

They ensure their dogs are covered against disease by administering the appropriate vaccinations or are ensuring that their dogs are treated with homeopathic nosodes and Titre Tested before mating and will always seek veterinary attention if required.

Members provide written instructions (diet sheet, helpful hints etc) to all new owners which cover the physical, emotional and social care of their new puppy.

Members provide 4 weeks free insurance with each puppy.

Members will never knowingly misrepresent, advertise or mislead anyone regarding the characteristics of any of their dogs and none of our members will ever promise that their puppies are hypoallergenic or that they will not shed their coats, neither will they imply that their puppies are incapable of causing an allergic reaction.

Members will ask all new owners to enter into a Puppy Contract - giving both parties peace of mind. They will only sell dogs to homes that can offer happy healthy lives and responsible ownership to their puppies and will help with re-homing should circumstances change.

Members are free to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone they deem to be offering an unsuitable home.

All our members offer an after-care service for as long as you and your new puppies need us.

Please expect to pay more for a Labradoodle puppy who's parents have received all the relevant health testing's, socialisation, and every effort has been made for you to have a healthy happy puppy. suitable to be raised with you and your family

This code of conduct applies to breeders/puppies born after March 2008

Some of our members exceed this Code of Conduct, prospective puppy purchasers should feel happy to ask what is provided at their initial interview.


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